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The future of online transactions, now.

Buy, sell, swap tokens, goods and services securely.

The smarter way to buy and sell things while avoiding all risks of losing money. Smartlink is building the future of modern payments and escrow services.

Pay and get paid

Next-gen payment processing solution.

We provide buyers and sellers with an end-to-end online payment and escrow solution based on blockchain technology to ensure highly reliable sales processes and remove the need for costly third-parties.

Modern payments products for a modern economy

Find the perfect sales agreement and customize it in just a few clicks

From $100 to $100 Million +

Trust as a service.

We help buyers and sellers protect transactions of all kinds from risk and potential fraud by providing an end-to-end payment solution that integrates a built-in escrow module to ensure seamless transactions at all times.


Buyer and seller agree to terms

Parties use any of our customizable templates to set up the agreement and the buyer pays the amount agreed on.

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Seller delivers the product

Funds are held in the escrow smart contract until all the conditions are fulfilled and the buyer confirms receipt.

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Buyer approves, seller gets paid

The smart contract will automatically trigger the release of the funds into the seller’s digital wallet.

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Why Smartlink

Your favorite payment method out of the box.

Smartlink allows you to pay and get paid using your preferred payment method from traditional to digital currencies. Manage your funds directly from your wallet and track every transaction within your dashboard.

Eliminate risk

The escrow smart contract safely holds onto the funds until each condition is complete, no one can access the funds until then, and therefore, greatly limits the risk of litigation.

Reduce costs

Smartlink reduces your transaction costs by streamlining business processes and offering cheaper fees than popular means of payment such as Paypal or Credit cards.

From individuals to businesses,
all around the world.

Smartlink Man Splash

Pay As You Go

One milestone at a time, on your terms.

Whether you are buying or selling, using Smartlink allows you to split your transaction and payment into multiple phases to make sure you get exactly what you pay for every step of the way.

Vault on-demand

Buy and sell securely on marketplaces.

Smartlink helps you secure your transactions on marketplaces all around the world such as Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, Kijiji, Offerup, Le Bon Coin and more. Just create an account and start a new transaction.
Smartlink use case on market places

Always be in control

Take Smartlink anywhere you go.

Safely start a transaction or make an offer from anywhere in the world and get access to the same features as the desktop version. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

All-in-one payments system

Approval workflow

Involve as many stakeholders as you need in your workflow and keep track of every step along the way by using on-chain immutable data for greater compliance.

Dispute settlement

In the event of a dispute, we provide our users with a guided process within the platform to settle the conflict through arbitration with our certified experts.


Our API can connect to any type of external data you might need to build your smart contract. We secure inputs and outputs for inalienable digital agreements.

Enjoy risk-free
borderless transactions.

A modern solution to everyday problems across the globe. Smartlink is based on cutting-edge blockchain technology that allows you to get the infrastructure you need to meet the world’s needs through a safeguarded, decentralized payment processing system that doesn’t rely on traditional, outdated banking methods. 

3d Screen Smartlink

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Smartlink is building a payment and escrow solution on Tezos

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