Web3 Escrow gateway for eCommerce.

Smartlink is a multi-chain non-custodial Escrow solution and the first Web3 marketplace for products and services.


A suite of
non-custodial tools


A marketplace for digital assets, goods, and services based on escrow smart contracts.

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A decentralized escrow platform for trustless, secure transactions anywhere across the world.

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Token Vesting

Define release schedules, and automate the distribution of tokens to stakeholders.

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Ecosystem Partners

Web3 marketplace
for everyone.

Smartlink is the first web3 marketplace specifically designed for cryptocurrency users, providing a secure, fast and easy-to-use platform for buying and selling goods and services. Join the decentralized economy today!

Escrow solutions

Escrow Agreement

The Smartlink Web3 Escrow agreement offers a secure and trustworthy platform for individuals and businesses to engage in transactions. Whether you're buying, selling, or simply transferring assets, the Smartlink Web3 Escrow ensures that every transaction is executed smoothly and efficiently.

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Plug-ins & API

Smartink offers a robust API and a range of Plugins to further enhance the eCommerce experience. These tools allow for seamless integration with other systems and platforms, enabling the creation of custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of users.

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Token Locker

Smartlink offers a solution for businesses and organizations looking to implement a fair and secure vesting schedule for their tokens. With this module, companies can set flexible vesting terms, define release schedules, and automate the distribution of tokens to employees, partners, or stakeholders.

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Multi-chain environment

The Smartlink platform offers users the ability to take advantage of the strengths of multiple blockchain networks


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It’s happening globally

A global escrow tool for a global marketplace.

Buy crypto with
major payment methods

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Buy and sell securely
without borders.

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No hidden fees.

0.5% fee for SMAK transactions and 1% for all other tokens available. That’s it.

Oracle network

The Smartlink platform’s Decentralized Oracles Network (DON) is a powerful tool for integrating real-world data into blockchain applications. With its decentralized architecture, the DON ensures that data is accurate, reliable, and tamper-proof.

Bridging the gap in emerging countries

Smartlink empowers individuals and businesses in emerging regions by providing access to cutting-edge technology and financial services.

Secure Supply Chain Management

From production to delivery, Smartlink is a reliable and trustworthy solution for managing your supply chain operations.

tool kit

The API and SDK offer a range of features and a user-friendly interface, making it easier for developers to bring their ideas to life.



Become a member of a dynamic ecosystem and take part in the expanding Smartlink network by obtaining tokens directly through the exchanges.

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