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Trust as a Service for the new Web

Smartlink is developing a sustainable ecosystem of decentralized and scalable applications to bring the needed infrastructure to new economic paradigms.

Smartlink - SMAK

Decentralized Escrow

A decentralized escrow platform for trustless, secure transactions anywhere across the world.

Marketplace 3.0

A crypto-native marketplace for digital assets, goods, and services based on escrow smart contracts.


A secure and scalable DeFi ecosystem built with institutional-grade Tezos modular architecture.

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Partners and backers

Tezos ecosystem support

Core development
Digital Assets Data Partner

Development and Security

Backer and marketplace dev.

PR and Strategic Partnerships

Decentralized Exchange


Vortex is an all-in-one decentralized finance protocol that allows anyone to trade cryptocurrency in a trustless manner without the need for a centralized intermediary.

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Why Smartlink

The bigger picture

Decentralized ecosystem

Smartlink leverages the power of blockchain technology to build a decentralized ecosystem that excels in its security, performance, and cost-efficiency.


Smartlink is built to function seamlessly with Web 3.0 technologies, with its modular design inheriting the properties of the semantic web.

Open source

Smartlink is an open-source platform, which allows it to benefit from the collective wisdom of a global development community.


Smartlink is designed with an on-chain governance mechanism, putting the community in charge of major development decisions.

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SMAK is Smartlink’s native token.
Become a part of the growing Smartlink ecosystem, earn rewards, participate in on-chain governance of the Smartlink ecosystem, and more by getting SMAK tokens.

Protect your SMAK

Where to store your SMAK?






Stake SMAK

You can easily stake your SMAK and earn rewards to make the most of your tokens. SMAK has multiple utilities such as governance, escrow rewards, token farming, and launchpad allocations.

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Featured media

A few of Smartlink media appearances 


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Smartlink News:
Vision, Ethos
& Update

As we are working 24/7 toward delivering the best possible experience for our users, we thought an overall update on the project would come in handy.


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