About us

Our objective is to develop trustworthy applications for the decentralized web. Smartlink is creating a new era of secure online transactions and sustainable finance.

Team members and advisors

The Smartlink team brings together an extensive experience to develop the best possible solutions.

Ben Constanty

Olivier Audino

CEO & Co-Founder

10 years of experience as a seasoned Fintech entrepreneur (Sourcing Force), turned the startup into a $16M company.

Marius Campos

Selim Lasram

Tech Lead

Engineer, 20+ years of experience as a Chief Technology Officer for various companies

Ben Constanty

Ben Constanty

Co-Founder, Product

Serial entrepreneur, scaled several companies to millions of dollars in revenue across 4 industries.

Robin Carre

Álvaro García Pérez


Engineer, researcher at the renown research center CEA, works on the Smartlink escrow BFT consensus layer.

Non-custodial apps for trustless transactions

Smartlink is a platform built for a world in need of a safe and efficient space for everyone to buy and sell. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional eCommerce industry by bringing self-custody to the table.

The Need for Change

The pandemic brought to light the inefficiencies and faults in the current transaction system, making it clear that the world was in need of a better solution. Our CEO, Olivier, experienced this firsthand in his sourcing company when large organizations came to him in search of protective equipment, faced with the difficult decision of purchasing large quantities of goods from unfamiliar suppliers, sometimes having to transfer millions of dollars without the guarantee of receiving the product.

That’s why Smartlink was created. To provide a secure, decentralized, and non-custodial solution for on-demand transactions. At the heart of commerce is the desire to meet real-world needs, and Smartlink provides just that.

Pioneering the Transactional Future

Imagine an online marketplace where you can shop without worrying about risks. Smartlink enables secure end-to-end transactions, making anything possible. Whether you’re buying fine jewelry from the other side of the globe, selling your social media accounts, or offering freelance services, Smartlink is the solution you need.

So why limit yourself to the traditional model? With Smartlink, the world is your marketplace. The possibilities are endless. Will you buy, sell, or swap?

Join us in building a future where every transaction is safe, secure, and effortless.