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Our mission is to bring trustless applications
to the decentralized web. Smartlink is building
the future of online transactions and sustainable DeFi.

What, who, where.

Our story

Smartlink, founded in 2020, was born of a lack of simple and secure global solutions to buy and sell products and services around the world with no risk of losing money to potential fraud and online scams.

Our team

Our team is comprised of like-minded entrepreneurs, PhDs, researchers, cryptography experts, financial analysts, and blockchain architects busy building the future of trustless transactions around the world.


Smartlink has its main offices in Toronto, Canada and Paris, France with headquarters in Tallin, Estonia. The team is agile and decentralized!

Decentralized apps for trustless transactions on Web3

Smartlink is a platform built for a world in need of a safe and efficient space for everyone to buy, sell, and swap without the risk of losing money to online scams and fraud. By leveraging Tezos institutional smart contracts, we are also changing the escrow process.

Why now?

When the pandemic hit, it highlighted the inefficiencies and faults in the current, outdated transaction model our world relies on. As business partners in an international sourcing company, Smartlink co-founders experienced it first-hand when some of the largest organizations suddenly came to them in need of massive quantities of protective equipment in order to keep business going. The only suppliers producing them fast enough were from factories in Asian countries and weren’t yet known on the supply level, leaving them with big risk decisions to make:

Were they willing to spend millions of dollars to get what their clients needed from an unknown source?

Smartlink was born of a lack of secure online escrow solutions for on-demand needs. At the core of everything, commerce is about providing solutions to real-world needs. That starts with accessibility.

Smartlink is about safeguarding funds during a transaction in a decentralized non-custodial way. It’s a new world. It’s a new marketplace. While too many fall prey to the risks of modern business, Smartlink is the solution many have been waiting for.

We’re pioneering the transactional future of the world. Imagine an online marketplace where you could shop for the things you need from any seller without ever having to think about risks again.

Think of the freedom and possibilities that are opened up.

Buy high-value items from the other side of the globe. Fine jewelry, art, boats, and cars can be bought sight unseen with zero risk. Social media accounts are sold without the risk of identity theft. Freelancers are offering gigs without the hassles of wondering whether they’ll get paid for the work they do.

Secure end-to-end transactions mean anything is possible.

There are no limits to what you can do with your money, starting now.

So will you buy, sell or swap?


Escrow 3.0 – Whitepaper

Escrow 3.0 – Litepaper

Escrow 3.0 – Deck

Escrow 3.0 – Github

Staking App


DEX Docs Coming soon


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Governance Docs Coming Soon

Team members and advisors

The Smartlink team consists of successful entrepreneurs, DeFi experts, PhD researchers in blockchain and security, smart contract engineers, cryptography experts, and strategic growth leaders who bring together genuine and extensive experience to develop the best possible solutions.
Ben Constanty

Ben Constanty

CEO & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur, scaled several companies to millions of dollars in ARR across 4 different industries: Telecom, Marketing, eCommerce and Fintech.

Ben Constanty

Olivier Audino

COO & Co-Founder

10 years of experience as a seasoned Fintech entrepreneur (Sourcing Force), turned the startup into a $16M company, marketplace expert.

Ben Constanty

Adrien Hubert

Economic Advisor

DeFi specialist, Tezos baker and blockchain researcher, vast experience in micro-incentive strategy, staking models and on-chain architectures.

Marius Campos

Bilal El Alamy

DeFi Architect

Creator of the NYX standard on Tezos, Pymich and Spool, blockchain lecturer, smart contract wizard, angel investor and co-founder of Equisafe.

Ben Constanty

Jeremy Martin

Blockchain engineer & Tech lead

Blockchain researcher and technical architect with years of experience in leading high-level blockchain projects (Octo Technology / SmartNode)

Kevin Mehrabi

Kevin Mehrabi

Strategic Advisor

Inevitable Tezos OG and founder of StableTech, strongly involved with the Tezos community, leader of several DeFi projects in the ecosystem.

Ben Constanty

Sebastien Choukroun

DeFi Advisor

PHD in mathematics, former Nomadic Labs Blockchain Manager, teaching and working on cryptocurrencies, Tezos Expert.

Ben Constanty

Anastasia Duchesne

Smart Contract Developer

PhD researcher in blockchain technology, security and cryptography, specialized in building, testing, and auditing smart contracts.

Ben Constanty

Jules Bertrand

Smart Contract Developer

Network infrastructure, monitoring, maintenance, sustainability of the Smartlink platform and smart contract security.

Robin Carre

Helder Salvador

Blockchain developer

Specializes in blockchain and dapp development with proven experience in creating digital identities on blockchain.

Robin Carre

Gisele Dekpe

Baker DevOps

Specializes in developing on Tezos with strong experience in e-banking, Tezos baking and blockchain technology.

Ben Constanty

Charles Augu

Ecosystem Backend Architect

Off-chain and on-chain integration mechanisms, backend development, data flow, Smartlink ecosystem framework.

Ben Constanty

Thomas Binetruy

Smart Contract Engineer

Data scientist and blockchain engineer, worked in various blockchain ecosystems with strong expertise on Tezos.

Robin Carre

Rienz Ivan Otiong

Front-end Engineer

Vue.js and Angular expert, implementing Smartlink’s most challenging concepts with a sharp eye for details.  

Robin Carre

Lucas Levy

Blockchain Developer

Developed multiple applications on Tezos, create architectures for decentralized solutions, develop smart contracts.

Ben Constanty

Joe Al-Khayat

Dispute Resolution Advisor

Lawyer, co-Founder of Resolve Disputes Online, expert in litigation, implemented several arbitration systems for governments.

Robin Carre

Charles Beyer

Blockchain Developer

Software engineer, programmer, blockchain developer with extensive experience in mobile and web development.

Ben Constanty

Prakash Pandey

Marketing Advisor

Extensive experience in building brand authority and fostering community engagement for blockchain and DeFi projects.


Victor Binétruy-Pic

Product Owner

Implements user stories, defines iterations, clarifies and refines the scope of Smartlink products, streamlines roadmap priorities.

Ben Constanty

Jasmine Johal

Strategic partnerships

Partnerships and sponsorships, branding, performance marketing, growth, digital marketing, retention and loyalty.


Career opportunities

We’re looking for blockchain engineers, smart contract developers, technical writers, and great thinkers. If you think you could help us build the future of payment infrastructure or if you have any questions about opportunities, we’d be more than happy to talk to you .

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