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Our mission is to create tamper-proof enforceable transactions on the internet

We’re bringing full transparency through next-gen digital agreements.

Online transactions are changing, and we’re ahead of the curve

Our story

Smartlink was founded in 2020 by like-minded entrepreneurs in Toronto, Canada with the aim of protecting and facilitating global digital cash transactions between businesses.

Our team

We are data-driven business leaders, financial experts, and developers busy building the future of online payment for safer and faster transactions around the world.


Smartlink is born and headquartered in Toronto with offices in Paris and Dubai.

Faster, simpler.

Rapid execution, fast payments, lower risk, and better accuracy are the promise of Smartlink’s smart contracts. By speeding up transactions and reducing fraud, Smartlink helps businesses improve compliance and streamline processes without the headache.

During tense economic times, smart contracts can really make your life easier


We eliminate the need for intermediaries by directly connecting to highly reliable external data sources such as banks, shipping companies, public databases, and more. Smartlink tracks data inputs and outputs and trigger actions upon specific events as per each contract’s requirements.

The need for reliable exchange of information in the decision-making process within an organization is more timely than ever. We provide the internal and external workflow businesses need to facilitate communication during a transaction.


Career opportunities

We’re looking for blockchain engineers, technical writers, smart contract developers, and great thinkers. If you think you could help us build the future of payment infrastructure or if you have any questions about opportunities, we’d be more than thrilled to talk to you .

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Want to learn more about Smartlink? Drop us a message or directly chat with us on social media and let’s improve the future of smart contracts together.

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