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Suppressing the need for buyers and sellers to trust each other.

Enforceable escrow smart contracts that safeguard your funds until conditions are met and all parties satisfied.
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Neat and simple

Decentralized escrow functionalities

Whether you are buying, selling, or brokering, Smartlink makes it easy for you to protect your funds during an online or in-person transaction.

Optimized for compliance

Safer, faster, stronger.

Unlimited stakeholders

Smartlink enables businesses and freelancers to create complex payment flows with a wide array of digital currencies and unlimited stakeholders. 

Milestone payments

Create multi-step contracts and milestone payments on your terms. Set deadlines, delay penalties, and have funds released one step at a time upon inspection to benefit from an additional layer of protection against fraud.

Contract library

We provide enforceable contract templates that you may use to build and customize your agreement saving you time and money on legal research. 

Multi-currency support

Smartlink intends to support a broad range of ERC-20 tokens wrapped as FA 1.2 on Tezos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and a dozen other cryptos to facilitate conversions for our users with, on average, fees that are 3,000 times cheaper than on Ethereum.


How it works

A simple approach for a revolutionary platform

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Dispute resolution

Smartlink has partnered up with a network of trusted and certified arbitrators to provide a smooth dispute resolution process within the Smartlink platform. When parties can not reach an agreement, they may start a biding arbitration process with an accredited mediator.

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