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Escrow 3.0 for the global marketplace

Enforceable escrow smart contracts that safeguard your funds until conditions are met and all parties satisfied.


Buyer and seller agree to terms

Parties use any of our customizable templates to set up the agreement and the buyer pays the amount agreed on.


Seller delivers the product

Funds are held in the escrow smart contract until all the conditions are fulfilled and the buyer confirms receipt.


Buyer approves, seller gets paid

The smart contract will automatically release the funds to the seller’s digital wallet.

One milestone at a time,
on your terms.

Whether you are buying or selling, using Smartlink allows you to split your transaction and payment into multiple phases to make sure you get exactly what you pay for every step of the way.
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Go-to solution to protect your transactions

Adaptive escrow for Web3

Eliminate risks

The escrow smart contract safely holds onto the funds until each condition is complete, no one can access the funds until then, and therefore, greatly limits the risk of litigation.

Flexible and easy to use

Smartlink allows you to pay and get paid using various cryptocurrencies. Manage your funds directly from your wallet and track every transaction within your dashboard.

Cut costs

Smartlink drastically reduces transaction costs by streamlining business processes and offering cheaper fees than popular means of payment such as Paypal or Credit cards.

Use contract templates

We provide enforceable contract templates that you may use to build and customize your agreement saving you time and money on legal research.

Use cases



Sell or buy cars, trucks, new or old, with the protection and safe contracts options created through Smartlink. Alleviate the risk to get exactly what you paid for.

OTC Trade

When you’re involved in buying and selling cryptocurrencies, exchanges can be burdensome and prone to privacy breach. What if you could safely complete cryptocurrency transactions directly with another party without the middleman?


Buying and selling jewelry can be a risky proposition. In a world of fakes and forgeries, you want to know that you’re buying the real thing. With Smartlink, you can.

In-game asset

Whether you are holding onto an in-game asset or looking to buy one, Smartlink’s NFT support allows you to trade in-game assets for cryptocurrencies and make it safe and easy to execute your transactions.


Your buying possibilities are now a whole lot wider. Smartlink enables you to purchase a boat on the other side of the world without worrying about risk or trust.


NFTs, fine art, antiques, baseball cards, are things you can sell and buy on Smartlink while making sure you’re getting what you paid for. Smartlink makes it safe and easy to execute transactions for all sorts of collectibles.


An airplane is a big purchase, and when it comes time to buying, you deserve the protection of a smart contract. That’s what Smartlink does. Safe and easy for everyone.


The future is now, and that means there’s an easier way to rent cars, boats, or even properties. Smart contracts mean safe transactions for any sort of rental and also ensures that the contractual terms are met by all parties involved.

Use cases



Blockchain is the present and future of all escrow transactions. Rather than relying on a host of third parties, our smart contract solution means escrow just got a whole lot easier for everyone involved. The process is made overly simple to ensure terms are met before transactions are safely executed.

Freelance gig

Every business has a story about being burned by a freelancer, and every freelancer has a story about being burned by a business. Make your next freelance experience risk-free and easy with Smartlink’s smart contracts.


Milestones are becoming more needed across the business landscape. As a piece of a project is completed, partial payment is made, repeating until the full scope has been completed. Smartlink is the perfect platform for completing and tracking milestone transactions.

Fundraising & Vesting

For every crowd-funded initiative, there’s always apprehension. People want to know that the money is being used for what they were told. With Smartlink, funds are released when goals are met, making it safe for all involved.

Domain name

When the domain name you want is already taken, there is usually an exchange of demands and terms before both parties agree to a price. There’s a risk in releasing funds before you’ve received the domain. With Smartlink, the funds are secure until both parties have satisfied their obligations.


It’s not just about contracts and security; it’s also about efficiency. With Smartlink, you can pay employees directly, vest dividends, or distribute bonuses when special markers are met. And with the ease of transaction, you’ll eliminate a lot of those payroll headaches.

All-in-one capabilities

Approval workflow

Involve as many stakeholders as you need in your workflow and keep track of every step along the way by using on-chain immutable data.

Dispute settlement

In the event of a dispute, we provide our users with a guided process within the platform to settle the conflict through arbitration with our certified experts.


Use our API to connect to your platform and get the data you need. We secure inputs and outputs for inalienable digital agreements.



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