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Make safer, faster, self-executing transactions with escrow smart contracts.

Our enforceable escrow smart contracts only release the funds when conditions are met and all parties satisfied.

Optimized for compliance

Workflow granularity

Unlimited stakeholders

The interoperability provided by our escrow smart contracts allows you to create complex workflows with unlimited stakeholders. 

Multi-step agreement

You can create multi-step contracts whereby funds are released one step after another upon inspection by the buyer. Multi-step contracts provide extra protection against fraud.

Contract templates

We provide enforceable contract templates that you may use to build your escrow smart contracts and save a fair amount of time on legal research. 

Inspection time frame

Buyers and sellers can agree on a specific amount of time the buyer might need to inspect the product or service once it has been delivered. 

How it works

The new way to do business.

Traditional contract

Smart contract

1 to 3 days

Manual settlement

Escrow necessary

Physical presence


Lawyers necessary

Seconds / minutes

Automatic settlement

Escrow is an option

Virtual presence

Fraction of the cost

Lawyers not necessary

By creating pre-defined conditions, smart contracts are able to automatically execute themselves upon event completion. Therefore every party involved is saving time and money.


Dispute resolution

Smartlink acts as a trusted arbitrator in the dispute resolution process and collects every piece of information registered on our general ledger to automatically offer a prompt non-biding solution to the parties involved. If parties do not agree with the proposed resolution and can not reach an agreement, they will have to start a biding arbitration process with an accredited mediator.   

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