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The following roadmap covers current and upcoming developments of the Smartlink project including research, prototyping, and functionalities.
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Decentralized Escrow 

Decentralized escrow protocol is at the core of the Smartlink ecosystem. It is built with the purpose of providing trust-as-a-service, eliminating the need for traditional, inefficient escrow services. Smartlink’s Decentralized escrow module will … Read more

Marketplace Web3

The inspiration behind Smartlink’s Marketplace Web3.0 stems from the lack of an accessible eCommerce platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Smartlink provides a decentralized marketplace for virtual as well as physical products. The marketplace will… Read more

What is Smartlink?

Smartink is a suite of decentralized applications built on the Tezos blockchain. The different platforms include an escrow smart contract protocol to offer a cutting-edge alternative to traditional escrow services, a crypto-friendly marketplace for goods and services, and a decentralized exchange. Smartlink is built on Tezos because of its higher transaction throughput, security standards, and negligible network congestion. Smartlink smart contracts utilize the formal verification of the Tezos network to eliminate security challenges inherent in smart contracts. Smartlink Roadmap is a work in progress and provides a timeline for the development of different modules of the Smartlink ecosystem.


Roadmap 🦾

Q2 2022

  • Token Vesting
    (Specs, Dev, Audit)
  • Whitepaper V2
  • On-going research

Q4 2022

  • Tezos Escrow
  • Testing/audit
  • Marketplace launch
  • Ethereum Escrow

Coming soon

  • Item delivery
  • Milestone payments
  • Oracle integration
  • Implementing DID

Coming soon

  • OTC NFT Swap
  • New OTC section
  • Testing/Audit

Coming soon

  • Specs
  • UI
  • Smart Contract dev
  • Testing/Audit
Whitepaper V2 – Q1 2022

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