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Smartlink Announces Partnership With Global Agency Havas Blockchain


Smartlink Announces Partnership With Global Agency Havas Blockchain

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Decentralized escrow platform for Web 3.0

Smartlink partners with Havas Blockchain. Havas Blockchain is the Havas Group’s solution that provides consulting, communications, and technology resources to Blockchain projects, offering agile support through the network of Havas Group agencies. Havas Group is one of the world’s largest global communications groups.

Smartlink is excited to announce its partnership with Havas Blockchain, the solution developed within the Havas Group. Havas Blockchain will work as strategic brand management and development partner of Smartlink.

The marketing Group holds a history of successful product launches, campaigns, and adoption for the most prestigious brands.

Havas Blockchain will work closely with Smartlink to ingrain the technical proficiency of the latter in its brand image.

Smartlink Marketing Update ⚠️

We’d like to take this opportunity to explain our marketing strategy to the community.

Smartlink’s end purpose is to redefine the traditional escrow and payments industry through its blockchain-powered escrow platform, and since the success of the ICO, we have already started working on technological development.

Our objective is to develop this platform, starting with the decentralized escrow module and the technical support structure for the smooth operations of our ecosystem.

Our goals are above all technological and our marketing strategy is geared towards the adoption of our platform, which means we’ll launch major campaigns once our platform is ready.

In order to streamline our marketing efforts, we are already building a network of ecosystem partners.

As a community-driven project, our goal is to deliver a platform that eliminates the trust deficit in online transactions. We’re responsible for the development, promotion, management, and success of the project, which requires an ever-evolving marketing strategy to achieve our long-term goals, and we will come back to you regularly to share the evolution of these different pillars.

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