The native utility token of the Smartlink ecosystem.
The $SMAK token is used as a medium of exchange and grants access to various utilities on the Smartlink platform.

Token utility

Maximizing benefits of the Smartlink platform with the $SMAK token

Medium of exchange

The SMAK token is a critical component of the Smartlink platform, functioning as a medium of exchange and enabling effortless and secure transactions among users.

Fee discount

Using $SMAK will discount the transaction fee by 50% when the token is used as a medium of exchange on the platform. The transaction fee on any other supported tokens is 1%.

Oracle network

The $SMAK token has been designed to serve as a key element of the future oracle network once it becomes available. It will be used to build consensus among the various network players.


$SMAK tokens will eventually be used for certain types of governance proposals as parts of the Smartlink platform become gradually decentralized.


Become a member of a dynamic ecosystem and take part in the expanding Smartlink network by obtaining tokens directly through the exchanges.

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