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The SMAK token

The native utility token of the Smartlink ecosystem is SMAK. The SMAK token will be used as a medium of exchange and utility for multiple Smartlink’ services.

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Discounted Fee

SMAK will discount the transaction fee by 50% if the token is used as a medium of exchange. The transaction fee on any other supported tokens is 1%.


Smartlink community members will need SMAK tokens to participate in critical platform decisions, such as development proposals, partnerships, and integrations.

Medium of Exchange

SMAK will be used as a medium of exchange on the Smartlink platform, along with a few other FA 1.2 compatible tokens. The accessibility of the platform is considered essential for the lasting of the platform. By allowing various FA 1.2 tokens, the user has a broad selection of supported tokens which lowers complexity
and financial thresholds.
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Protect your SMAK

Where to store your SMAK?






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SMAK is Smartlink’s native token.
Become a part of the growing Smartlink ecosystem, earn rewards, participate in on-chain governance of the Smartlink ecosystem, and more by getting SMAK tokens.



Join the Smartlink channels that suit you best to chat, teach and learn about Smartlink, talk to the team, contribute and help the community .

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